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We provide top quality & affordable tree care services to the residents of Kinston, NC, and surrounding areas. When it comes to stump grinding, stump removal, tree removal, and tree trimming, our clients trust our expert advice and guidance.

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, 100’s of satisfied customers, and 1000’s of trees serviced, our team has your back and best tree interests at heart.

Every job we take on is treated with a close attention to detail and performed by our experienced licensed & insured tree service team who’s number one priority is giving you the highest quality experience we know you deserve. This very mindset has empowered us to become one of the top tree service companies in Kinston, Goldsboro, and all of Lenoir & Wayne County.

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Whether you’re concerned about a storm knocking down branches or even a tree on your house (causing avoidable damage and expensive repairs) or just trying to keep your property pristine, you’ll want a team of licensed and insured professionals. 

Don’t end up paying more down the line by having a friend or family member who’s uninsured, potentially creating a tremendous headache for you. Just because they have a chainsaw and are willing to help out doesn’t mean they’re the best fit for your tree needs. Having an uninsured arborist cut or remove a tree could end up with you paying large amounts out of pocket or even being sued!

Trees that could be hazardous and aren’t maintained may not be covered by your homeowner’s insurance and you’ll be left to foot the bill if that’s the case.

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We provide services to all of Kinston, Goldsboro, and all of Lenoir & Wayne County

Tree Removal in Kinston

Tree Removal

While trees can add a lot to a piece of property, sometimes they need to be removed. Whether a tree is a safety risk to an area or is simply in the way, we can help.

Overgrown trees can put you and your property at risk. They can also be a threat to fences, vehicles, and other structures on your property or a neighboring property. The amount of damage trees can cause is severe and costly, removing them before they become a problem is always a smart decision.

A tree’s branches and limbs aren’t the only potential threat, roots can damage sidewalks, driveways, and public utilities or septic tanks. Once the damage is done, expensive repairs are necessary. In some cases, even a healthy tree may prove problematic simply by taking up too much space at a residential or commercial location.

Our team is trained to handle any tree related issue safely and quickly so you don’t need to put yourself at any unnecessary risk. We also possess licenses and insurances and can give customers a copy upon request.

High Tree Branch being Removed by Tree Climber Arborist in Kinston

Tree Trimming

The most common damage caused by trees is from branches falling, whether from high winds or just old age. A branch breaking off could cause serious damage to your roof, vehicle, or fence. If large enough, branches can even result in damage to a neighbor’s property, resulting in serious liability for you.

Properly trimmed trees are also less likely to suffer from diseases which can spread to lawns and other nearby plants. This can help homeowners avoid costly and invasive fixes.

Individuals without proper licensing or insurance can trim trees incorrectly, leaving you to pay for any damage. Don’t rely on anyone who doesn’t handle these tasks with the utmost professionalism.

We provide first-rate tree trimming. Trees that are trimmed correctly are neater and have a more balanced visual appearance. This balance also makes them less likely to fall or break, meaning tree trimming can actually be a wise investment in terms of safety.

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Stump Removal in Goldsboro

Stump Removal

After removing the branches and cutting down the tree, the trunk (aka the stump) needs to be removed. Tree stumps are not only ugly, but are also hazardous. Typically we cut in two- to three-foot sections, depending on the size of the tree, with a chainsaw. After cutting the stump into sections until the pieces are easily removable. Lastly, the remaining pieces of the trunk are cut from the roots using tools or machines.

Our highly experienced team uses the most reliable equipment to quickly remove tree stumps in yards or any hard to reach areas of your property. We take the stress and headache out of stump removal. We will treat your property with exceptional care, and our stump removal experts will clean up all debris leaving your property spotless.

Tree fell after storm in East North Carolina

Emergency Tree Services

After a severe North Carolina storm strikes you could be left with damaged or fallen trees on your property. You’ll need a team with the expertise and equipment to remove the trees from your residence or business safely and efficiently.

Our experienced team of professionals have handled countless storm damage and emergency service jobs. North Carolina is prone to high wind storms and heavy rainfall occasionally causing flooding. Trees that haven’t been properly maintained have a good chance of falling down. Our team can handle any situation, including removing a tree that falls on your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Tree Service Questions We Hear

How much does tree service cost?

The average cost of tree service can vary greatly from $150 to $2000 depending on the work needed.

Having a tree removed usually lands in the area of about $700 but there are many factors taken into account including:

  • Tree species
  • Tree size
  • Proximity to utilities or structures(such as power lines or home)
  • Number of trees
  • Condition of the tree (healthy vs. rotting, leaning, etc.)

For an accurate estimate contact us today for a free quote.

Can you cut down trees on your property in North Carolina?

Usually no permit is required to have a tree removed from private property, but according to the NC Forest Service if a tree is a protected species you may need to apply for a permit before any action is taken.

Our team of professionals can help you assess your situation and make sure you don’t violate any regulations and help keep North Carolina’s environment beautiful and healthy.

Is it cheaper to trim a tree or cut it down?

As always there are multiple factors to take into account when considering trimming versus removal.

The costs of both can come close to each other depending on the situation.

If trimming a tree may result in it being lopsided and creates a hazard you are better off having it removed in the first place.

If the trunk of the tree is damaged severely then the tree’s structural health comes into question and removal may be the best and only option to save yourself from future tree trouble.

Take any guesswork out by contacting us today to have an expert come out and help you make the best decision for your tree service needs.

Will homeowners insurance cover tree removal?

In general, homeowner’s insurance will usually only cover tree removal after a tree has fallen and/or cause damage.

There also tends to be a deductible to be paid and a maximum amount your insurance will cover if they do cover it all.

To be entirely certain it is best to contact your insurance company directly to see if they will cover tree removal.

Long story short, to avoid headaches and hassles of dealing with insurance and damages it is best to have problem trees removed before they cause problems in the first place.



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